What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Good For? 8 Amazing Benefits

We all know how important oxygen is for our survival, but did you know that it is used at increased pressure to treat different conditions and wounds? Known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the process works by providing starved and damaged tissues with oxygen-rich plasma. This way, it increases the amount of oxygen carried in your blood to ensure nourishment and healing. It is used to treat many conditions, including diabetic wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, radiation injury, brain abscess, burns, severe anemia, and more. In this blog, we will tell you what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is and the benefits you can expect. Carry on reading to learn all about this fascinating treatment!

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    Conditions that Need Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was used to treat deep-sea divers who had contracted decompression sickness. It is used today to treat carbon monoxide poisoning as well as sick scuba divers. Now, it has been approved for many conditions, which include, but are not limited to:

    • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    • Decompression Sickness
    • Crush Injuries
    • Cyanide Poisoning
    • Reduced Blood Flow in the Arteries
    • Diabetic Wounds
    • Air or Gas Embolism
    • Gas Gangrene
    • Compromised Skin Grafts or Flaps
    • Radiation Injury
    • Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Actinomycosis
    • Severe Anemia

    Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    It depends on your condition and specific case why you may need hyperbaric chamber therapy and which kind you need. If your doctor has suggested this treatment, you may be wondering how it could help improve your condition. HBOT encourages the body’s natural healing process by introducing pure oxygen to the oxygen-deprived tissues. The affected individual has to sit in a pressurized chamber that is filled with pure oxygen. Thanks to the raised air pressure, the body is able to absorb the increased amount of oxygen. This way, you receive the required oxygen to fight off infections and prevent cell damage due to injuries. But that’s not all; here are some benefits of the hyperbaric chamber you should know about:

    1. Provides 100% pure oxygen to the body, especially damaged tissues.
    2. Encourages growth of healthy issues by ensuring your body absorbs the oxygen.
    3. Improves the blood flow and circulation to the tissues that may be deprived of oxygen. This could reverse blood poisoning by moving the poisonous gases out of the body at a fast rate. Thus, it is also a blood flow restoration procedure.
    4. Promotes growth of new blood vessels from the already existing vascular system. This is known as angiogenesis.
    5. Boosts collagen production, which helps with the healing of compromised or failing skin grafts.
    6. Helps with wound healing by reducing swelling and providing the damaged tissue with essential nutrients.
    7. Reduces the effects of deadly toxins and bacteria by strengthening the cells to resist infections.
    8. Prevents reperfusion injury, which is damage that may occur when blood flow returns to the tissue that has been oxygen-starved for an extended time.

    How Long Do The Effects Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Last?

    Generally, the benefits and healing effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy last up to 8 to 12 months. The chamber sessions are scheduled five days a week, with 45 minutes to 2 hours of therapy taking place. Depending on your condition, the required HBOT sessions may be fewer or more.

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    Severe wounds, infections, and other conditions may need hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is packed with benefits. From restoring blood flow to reducing swelling, this process oxygenates the damaged tissues in the body and helps with fast recovery.

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