Skin Substitutes for wound care is advanced

At OptemizeMD, we provide patients with chronic wounds that have not responded to conventional treatments, the option of skin substitutes, and a highly effective therapeutic modality. Skin substitutes are biologic or synthetic materials specifically created to replace damaged or missing skin, resulting in the promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Our team of wound care specialists in Marin possesses extensive knowledge and experience in utilizing skin substitutes, and is dedicated to ascertaining whether this treatment approach is suitable for each patient’s unique clinical situation.

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    Skin Substitutes

    What are Skin Substitutes?

    Skin substitutes are biologic or synthetic materials that can be used to replace or supplement damaged or missing skin. They can be used to promote:

    • Healing
    • Reduce pain
    • Prevent infection

    Skin substitutes can be used for a variety of wounds, including burns, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, and surgical wounds.

    Questions About Skin Substitutes ?

    Biologic Skin Substitutes

    Biologic skin substitutes are made from living human or animal tissue. They are used to replace missing or damaged skin and promote healing. Some common biologic skin substitutes include:

    • Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane (HACM):
      HACM is a membrane derived from the placenta that contains growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular matrix proteins that can promote healing and reduce inflammation.
    • Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM):
      ADM is a tissue matrix derived from human or animal skin that has been processed to remove cells and preserve the extracellular matrix. It can be used to promote healing and improve tissue regeneration.
    • Collagen-Based Skin Substitutes:
      Collagen-based skin substitutes are derived from animal or human tissue and are composed of collagen, elastin, and other extracellular matrix proteins. They can be used to promote wound healing and reduce scarring.

    Synthetic Skin Substitutes

    Synthetic skin substitutes are made from materials such as silicone, polymers, and hydrogels. They are designed to mimic the properties of natural skin and can be used to promote healing and prevent infection. Some common synthetic skin substitutes include:

    • Silicone-Based Skin Substitutes:
      Silicone-based skin substitutes are designed to provide a barrier to protect the wound from infection and promote healing.
    • Polyurethane-Based Skin Substitutes:
      Polyurethane-based skin substitutes are designed to be highly absorbent and can be used to manage exudate in chronic wounds.
    • Hydrogel-Based Skin Substitutes:
      Hydrogel-based skin substitutes are designed to provide moisture to the wound and promote healing. They can be used to treat burns and other types of wounds that require a moist environment to heal.

    See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

    I recently sustained a burn to my ankle in March which necessitated an Emergency Room visit. When the severity of the wound and the lengthy treatment needed was discussed, I was told of the new wound Center and soon met Dr. Gordon and Irina who immediately became my new best friends.

    Dr. Carl Mani

    First and foremost, Dr. Anthony Gordon and Irena Shteyn, RN, CWOCN saved my life.
    I had severe wounds in both lower legs due to a severe case of cellulitis. I was in acute pain and worried about my prognosis.

    Barbara Scrooc

    I had an accident that injured my leg and I didn’t see a doctor for over a week. I noticed that the wound was not healing so I went to the Emergency at Novato Community Hospital. They told me to see a wound specialist ASAP and they recommended Dr. Anthony Gordon at the Marin Advanced Wound Center.

    Myra Perea

    My father got treatment from Dr. Gordon for his burn wound. Dr. Gordon was very caring, attentive and spent generous amounts of time to give him very effective treatment.

    Sara Cox

    Book an Appointment Today to Explore Skin Substitutes as a Treatment Option

    At our OptemizeMD, we offer a range of skin substitutes to address the unique needs of each patient’s wound. Whether you need a biologic or synthetic skin substitute, our team of wound care specialists can help you choose the best option for your wound. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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