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Pressure ulcers can be caused by constant pressure placed on an area, leading to damage ranging from simple redness to more severe tissue and bone damage. Our wound specialists at OptemizeMD are trained to treat and manage pressure ulcers from head to toe.

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    What Are Pressure Ulcers?

    Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores, are injuries that develop on the skin and underlying tissues. These wounds are caused by prolonged pressure, friction, or shear forces that damage the skin and underlying tissues, leading to tissue death and open sores.

    Causes of Pressure Ulcers

    Pressure ulcers occur when blood flow to the skin is reduced or cut off for an extended period of time, causing skin cells to die. Other factors that can increase the risk of developing pressure ulcers include moisture from sweat, urine, or stool, and traction from sliding down in an inclined bed or wheelchair.

    Long-term pressure on areas of the skin with underlying boning prominences is the most common cause of pressure ulcers. Poor nutrition, poor health, and excess moisture on the skin can also contribute to their development.

    Symptoms of Pressure Ulcers

    Immediate medical attention from a wound care specialist is necessary if any signs of the four stages of pressure ulcers are present. Other symptoms may include a red mark that stays the same for some time or a blister that worsens over time.

    Questions About Pressure Ulcers ?

    Stages of Pressure Ulcers

    Pressure ulcers are categorized into four stages based on the extent of the damage.
    Stage 1: features redness that does not lighten in color when touched.
    Stage 2: features broken skin that may appear as a shallow crater.
    Stage 3: the ulcer is deep and may contain dead tissue appearing yellowish.
    Stage 4: there is extensive damage to the skin, with the bone, muscles, or tendons exposed.

    Who Is at Risk for Pressure Ulcers?

    People who have thinner skin, limited mobility, and those who are bedridden or in a wheelchair for prolonged periods are more susceptible to developing pressure ulcers. Certain health conditions, such as cancer, cerebral palsy, diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure, and malnutrition, can also increase the risk of pressure ulcers.

    Treatment Options for Pressure Ulcers

    Treatment for pressure ulcers varies depending on the severity of the wound. Our experienced wound care specialists in Marin offer a range of treatment options, including negative pressure wound therapy, advanced wound dressing, pressure off-loading devices, and debridement.
    In order to treat a pressure injury, medical professionals may:

    • Clean or irrigate the wound using a wound cleanser or a sterile saltwater solution.
    • Cover the wound with specialized medical bandages such as hydrogel, hydrocolloid, alginates (seaweed), and foam dressings, which are designed to promote healing.

    Prompt treatment of pressure ulcers is essential to avoid further complications, such as infection or death.

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    I recently sustained a burn to my ankle in March which necessitated an Emergency Room visit. When the severity of the wound and the lengthy treatment needed was discussed, I was told of the new wound Center and soon met Dr. Gordon and Irina who immediately became my new best friends.

    Dr. Carl Mani

    First and foremost, Dr. Anthony Gordon and Irena Shteyn, RN, CWOCN saved my life.
    I had severe wounds in both lower legs due to a severe case of cellulitis. I was in acute pain and worried about my prognosis.

    Barbara Scrooc

    I had an accident that injured my leg and I didn’t see a doctor for over a week. I noticed that the wound was not healing so I went to the Emergency at Novato Community Hospital. They told me to see a wound specialist ASAP and they recommended Dr. Anthony Gordon at the Marin Advanced Wound Center.

    Myra Perea

    My father got treatment from Dr. Gordon for his burn wound. Dr. Gordon was very caring, attentive and spent generous amounts of time to give him very effective treatment.

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    Scheduling an Appointment for Pressure Ulcer Treatment

    Our team of specialists at OptemizeMD is currently accepting new patients seeking treatment for pressure ulcers. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us online or by calling our office located in Marin.

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