Do You Know About the Surprising Benefits of Compression Therapy?

Your healthcare provider might have recommended compression therapy in order to increase the proper blood circulation in your legs, ankles, or feet. When health conditions such as varicose veins lead to poor circulation of blood, you can reap the many benefits compression therapy offers. To explore the advantages of compression therapy, carry on reading!

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    What is Compression Therapy?

    First, let us discuss what compression therapy actually is. It is a pretty common method of treatment that helps improve the blood flow in one’s lower legs. Although there are many types of compression therapy, elastic stockings and wraps are generally used. Thanks to the compression provided by the elastic, the blood doesn’t pool in the affected areas such as your legs, ankle, and feet. In this manner, compression therapy benefits you by improving blood flow.
    Different types of compression therapy include:

    • Compression Stockings
    • Bandages and wraps
    • Inflatable devices

    Benefits of Compression Therapy

    Compression therapy works by applying gentle pressure to your legs, and it has never ending advantages. Some compression therapy benefits include:

    1. Improves Blood Flow: The primary benefit of compression therapy is that it helps you achieve better blood flow. Your veins have to combat gravity to rush back to your heart from the legs, regardless of the fact if you are standing or sitting. By gently squeezing your legs, compression therapy improves blood flow.
    2. Prevents & Treats Varicose Veins: Your legs contain valves that let the blood move in one direction for the purpose of pushing blood back toward the heart. However, in some instances, the valves wear out and allow the blood to pool in your veins. As a result, your veins twist and swell, leading to a condition named varicose veins. With compression stockings, you alleviate the swelling and discomfort that results from varicose veins. In addition, compression therapy can help prevent varicose veins from recurring after treatment.
    3. Reduces Swelling: Compression therapy prevents the fluid in the small blood vessels present in your legs from leaking, which is due to the gentle pressure it applies. This way, when you sit or stand still for an extended time, swelling will not take place. Plus, compression therapy can heal the swelling too!
    4. Decreases The Risk of Blood Clot: When you undergo surgery or have been in hospital for a long time, it keeps you off your feet. This increases the possibility of deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which blood clots may form in the deep vein. You can lower the risk of this condition by opting for compression therapy, as this is among the many benefits it provides. Travelers, too, can try this treatment to ensure blood clotting does not occur.
    5. Heals Leg Ulcers: Open wounds can develop on legs, and they’re not the easiest to heal. Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and other conditions can cause leg ulcers. Compression therapy is a promising treatment for leg ulcers because it improves blood flow, slowly reducing pain, swelling, and other symptoms of leg ulcers.

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    Closing Word

    You can make the most of compression therapy benefits, as it improves blood flow, reduces swelling, heals leg ulcers, and more. Professional compression therapy is incomparable, and you can leave it to our skilled staff at Advanced Wound Cente to help with your wounds as well as injuries using expert techniques. Dial (415) 429-4225 to get in touch with us now! You can also pay us a visit at 165 Rowland Way # 301-A, Novato, CA.

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