Compression Socks for Long Flights — To Wear or Not to Wear?

Imagine you sit for hours on a long flight, only to discover your legs are swollen after getting off. It is not uncommon for legs and feet to become swollen following a long flight — spending so much time in a confined space might affect the veins, which interferes with blood circulation as well. When extended travel time threatens to develop blood clots, compression socks are there to give your legs warm hugs and prevent them from adverse side effects. So, medical professionals recommend wearing compression socks for long flights; continue reading to learn all about it!

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    Benefits of Compression Socks

    Let’s be honest; you are probably not going to move around a lot if you are on a long flight. The lack of movement, plus being cramped in a small space, slows down the circulation between your heart and lower legs. As a result, you experience swelling, tingling, and overall discomfort in your legs and feet. Moreover, reduced blood circulation puts you at risk of complications such as blood clots and pulmonary embolism.

    Compression socks are a type of compression therapy. They can be pretty useful on long flights; by squeezing your legs, they support veins and leg muscles in achieving efficient blood flow. This way, you have a safe and simple way to ensure that the blood flow does not pause. Other than this, wearing compression socks on long flights offers the following benefits:

    • Reduces leg swelling
    • Prevents blood clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
    • Offers comfort and stability
    • Lowers the risk of leg fatigue and cramps
    • Speeds up muscle recovery time

    When to Put On Compression Socks For Flying

    It is best to wear compression socks before you board your flight. If possible, practice putting them on a few times before the day of your flight. This is because it might be a bit challenging to put on compression socks and get used to them while you are on the plane. Therefore, it is best to wear socks before boarding, especially when you are waiting at the gate.

    Compression socks promote healthy circulation while you are traveling, and the best part? You can wear them for an extended time. Ask your doctor when to take off compression socks after a flight. Usually, it is safe to wear compression socks for 16+ hours, but still, consult a professional just in case.

    Should I Opt for Compression Therapy?

    Now, before you go out and purchase a pair of pretty compression socks, it is recommended to consult a doctor. If you are not medically prescribed compression socks, you should ask your concerned doctor if you can wear them for long flights. Plus, they can recommend the best flight socks for you. Here are some instances when doctors recommend compression socks:

    • Chronic venous insufficiency
    • Recently underwent surgical procedure for varicose veins
    • Cancer or any other medical condition that makes you more susceptible to DVT.
    • History of blood clots
    • Swelling and loss of circulation during air travel

    There are some cases where doctors recommend not wearing compression socks. For instance, they are not suitable for a compromised skin layer that could bruise or scrape easily. This is why you should consult a medical professional before purchasing compression socks for your long flights.

    Questions About Compression Socks for Long Flights — To Wear or Not to Wear? ?

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    Keep Your Blood Flowing Right!

    You can wear compression socks on long flights to save yourself from the dreadful consequences of extended travel time. But before you do, it is best to consult a medical professional and see if you’re a suitable candidate.

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