All You Need to Know About Treating 3rd-Degree Burns

Whether it was a cooking accident or a beach trip with friends that resulted in a sunburn, it is not exactly a pleasure to have burns. From pain to discoloration on the skin, burns can cause many symptoms. In addition, depending on the extent of damage, burns are usually divided into three types: first-, second-, and third-degree burns. However, there are more severe levels of burned skin.

First-degree burns are the least severe, whereas third-degree burns are serious and require emergency medical attention. So, what does the treatment for 3rd degree burns involve? You can learn that and much more about burn treatment by reading this blog.

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    Causes of Third-Degree Burns

    The causes of third-degree burns are not different from first or second-degree burns. It is, however, the intensity and amount of time the affected surface was in contact with the problem source that makes a difference. Therefore, the longer your body was in contact with the damaged source or the more intense the connection was, the more severe the burn would be. A third-degree burn may look charred and black or dry and white, depending on the specific case. The health care provider might be interested in the reason before treating 3rd degree burns.

    Here are a few factors that could lead to 3rd-degree burns:

    • Touching or accidentally coming in contact with a hot object.
    • Blazing flames from a fire
    • Ultraviolet radiation
    • Sunburns
    • Boiling or steaming water
    • Chemicals, such as acids and bases
    • Electricity
    • Radiation

    No matter the cause, you should definitely contact a doctor in order to receive prompt treatment for your 3rd-degree burns.

    Questions About All You Need to Know About Treating 3rd-Degree Burns ?

    3rd Degree Burn Treatment

    Treating 3rd degree burns will require intensive treatment, which is also necessary to prevent infections and replace lost fluids in the affected area. Here are a few treatments for 3rd-degree burns that your doctor might opt for:

    • Medication: Antibiotics and pain medications are necessary to prevent infections and alleviate the pain that results from burns.
    • Tetanus Shot: Your burn wound will be susceptible to tetanus bacteria, which can trigger infection and worsen your condition. Hence, you may receive a tetanus shot to prevent further complications.
    • Intravenous Fluids: The healthcare provider may suggest intravenous fluids to maintain blood pressure as well as avoid shock.
    • Skin Graft: When it comes to third-degree burns, they do not heal on their own. In such instances, wound specialists recommend skin grafts.
    • Surgery: In some cases, burned tissue is removed from the burn site with the help of surgeries.

     How Long Do 3rd-Degree Burns Take to Heal?

    If you have a small third-degree burn on your hand or any other body part, it may take around three weeks to properly heal. Larger 3rd-degree burns, on the other hand, take almost two years to completely heal. You can ask your healthcare provider how long the burn will take to heal since they can answer by assessing the size and location of your third-degree burn.

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    In conclusion, third-degree burns are not to be taken lightly. Therefore, you should receive instant treatment for 3rd degree burns and prevent any complications from taking place.

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