Advanced Wound Center of Marin

At OptemizeMD, we are devoted to offering exceptional wound treatment for our patients and their families. We specialize in treating wounds and ensuring that you can manage any persistent sores or ulcers with the help of our specialists’ personalized plan of care. Our team of wound care in Marin is passionate about helping people heal from chronic wound so they may live life to its fullest!

Comprehensive wound Care Solutions in Marin

If you’re struggling with a wound or ulcer that refuses to heal, it’s time to call in the experts. The Marin area is lucky enough to have a highly qualified wound care specialist who has experience and specialized training when it comes to diagnosing and treating these types of issues. Stop suffering; get the best possible treatment now!

Comprehensive wound Care Solutions in Marin
Consultation and Examination

Consultation and Examination

When it comes to wounds, there’s more at play than just addressing the injury itself. Every person requires customized care and attention in order to manage their wound properly. That is why our comprehensive wound services are tailored for each unique circumstance – we take into account your personal history with wounds and any underlying medical conditions so that our approach can appropriately target the problems you might be confronting.

Care for All Wound Types

Our team of physicians take a holistic approach to wound care, with personalized treatment plans tailored for each patient based on nutritional considerations, infection assessment and control, pain management strategies and more. Additionally, our experts work together with physical therapists and podiatrists to guarantee you receive the most appropriate course of action according to your needs. We also provide long-term follow up services in order to reduce the chance of future recurrence or complications – giving you peace of mind.

Advanced Treatment Options

At OptemizeMD in Marin, individuals have access to multiple treatments and sophisticated wound care technologies in Marin. Depending on the severity of the injury, possible therapies include:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Topical growth factor therapy
  • Negative pressure therapy
  • Bioengineered skin substitutes
  • Total contact casing
  • Compression therapy

Enriching Patients and their Families through Education

Handling the arduous task of caring for non-healing wounds and pressure ulcers is a stressful experience for both patients and their family members. It’s our aim to make certain that everyone involved comprehends all aspects of the wound or sore, as well as understands exactly what treatment plan has been suggested. Our core belief about any kind of wound care? That it takes an organized team to help manage, maintain, and ultimately restore these kinds of injuries back to ideal health conditions.

Assessing the Risks of Diabetic Foot Wounds

Our devoted team strives to help prevent diabetic wounds in their early stages. If you fear that you may be at risk for this affliction, please take our complimentary online diabetic wound assessment immediately. Don’t wait a moment longer if there’s potential of chronic skin ulcers or other related issues – come see us now and let our experienced OptemizeMD specialist provide support!

Schedule a Wound Services Consultation

If you are seeking a wound specialist, OptemizeMD is now accepting new patients. Our wound care clinic in Marin have all the services necessary to support your recovery journey. To schedule a consultation with one of our team members, call us at (415) 429-4225. Alternatively, you can send us an online inquiry anytime!

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