5 Possible Signs of Wound Infection

Did you recently sustain an injury? Our bodies immediately start healing by regenerating new skin and working to reduce the symptoms of a wound. Still, you should seek professional wound care to ensure no additional issues arise. Sometimes, though, bacteria and germs interfere with the healing process, causing infection. So, how to know if a wound is healing or infected?

If your wound is taking forever to heal, it might be infected. In this blog, you can go over the signs of an infected wound. This way, you can learn if your wound is healing or infected.

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    Signs of Infection in Wound

    Here are some ways you can tell if a wound is healing or infected:

    1. Warm Sensation
      When the white blood cells combat germs or bacteria, your wound will feel warm in the beginning. However, if your injury feels warm after five days of injury, you should see a doctor. A warm sensation in the wound could indicate that it is infected. As your body fights the infection and bacteria, the affected area will continue to feel warm after five days.
    2. Redness After Days
      It is perfectly normal for the wound to appear red after you have sustained an injury. Your body supplies blood to nourish the injury with oxygen and nutrients. So, what color should a healing wound be? The wound appears pink due to healthy granulation tissue if the wound is healing correctly. Redness after five days, however, is among the signs of infection in the wound. You can tell if the wound is infected or healing by noticing how it looks days later.
    3. Discharge
      You can expect pus and blood discharge if you have a wound, but only initially. The wound should be clear within a few days. Some individuals will notice that the discharge continues during the healing process as well. Discharge after a few days is among the obvious signs of infection in the wound. In addition, the wound will start to have a bad odor and discoloration, which means your wound is definitely not healing properly.
    4. Lingering Pain
      When you get hurt, it is a natural response of your body to experience pain. But what if a wound is throbbing; is it healing? Continuous pain that lingers days after you have sustained the injury is suspicious. You can tell if a wound is healing or infected if the pain is long-lasting. Since you will be on pain medication, the aching should go away instead of increasing. Thus, one of the signs of infection in the wound is pain.
    5. Fever
      Do you have a fever? The infection will enter your bloodstream, spreading through your body. Consequently, you will experience fever and discomfort as a result of infection. Hence, injury followed by pain, fever, warm, warm sensation, and other symptoms could indicate that your wound is infected.

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    What’s Next?

    It is important to seek wound care after you have sustained an injury. Otherwise, problems such as wound infections could arise. Signs of wound infection include warmness, redness, swelling, pain, fever, discharge, and more. Our OptemizeMD team can aid with your injuries. We also offer effective infection control methods to prevent complications. Dial (415) 429-4225 to talk to us now and schedule an appointment.

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